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Right now I'm on the edge.. so don't push me. [Apr. 6th, 2005|04:44 pm]
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |Don't Push Me - 50 Cent]

Just a short update, deal with it. Be happy I'm updatin' especially when I'm in the mood not to.

So shit with Sinclaire is over. I'm not what she wanted, figures.
She came over last night like shit was all good, we chilled for a couple of minutes but I had something on my mind. I'm gonna admit it and say that it did bother me that Spinner was all defensive and shit for her.
Friends or not, nobody is that over-protective of a friend. It was obvious there was feelings there.. and for her to try to pull one right over my head like I'm an idiot pissed me off.
So I straight up asked her if she liked Spinner she said something along like "Yeah, I like him but I like you too.. but it's not fair to you" so basically she broke it off and I told her to leave. Fuck it, she's over me already if she likes some other dude.. so they can go ahead and be happy together. I could've treated her better than he could ever dream of, but you know what, fuck it.. it was her decision.

I met up with Darcy afterwards. She's a cool chick, and Spinner obviously hurt her, sayin some pretty fucked up things to her and then treatin her like she was nothin' while they were together. We sent texts back and forth in school yesterday, she's so down.. it's tight. Anyways I hate the fact that she's feelin' so blue so I wanted to be there for her. I met her after Sinclaire ended the shit with me and her. We went and saw a movie, "Guess Who?" with Ashton Kutcher and Bearnie Mac.. it was a nice comic relief. I hadn't told Darcy me and Heather broke things off, just 'cause I hate people feelin sorry for me.
I walked her home after the movie and we ended the night off like that.
She don't deserve the stuff Spinner's put her thru. She deserves someone who will treat her like the princess she is. But whatever, just my two cents.

Well, I'm gonna go take a nap or somethin', Kwan kept wakin me up in her class.
Do your thing because you know I'm gonna do mine!
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I never wish I would've hurt my baby.. and it's drivin' me crazy. [Mar. 31st, 2005|07:25 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |"Lonely" - Akon]

Theres been a major change in my life. Shits definatly gettin better and I can think of ways to make 'em even better but I'm not gonna push my luck.

Well here's the deal:
One night we went to pick up my brother out of jail, my dad and my brother got into this huge fight. Causin my brother to pack his shit up and leave. My dad was pissed, and decided to get his fix off of some coke and then continue drinkin. I started yellin and shit, tellin him he needed to stop and that we were just headed downhill from here and he swung at me. He hit me, once. Okay yeah I'm lyin. I got the shit beat out of me
I took Ms. Suave up on her offer and I told her everything, which is crazy because the only person I spilled all my problems with was Heather. And I only do that shit if I really like you. I guess I was just vulnerable and tired of the way things were goin. I'm lyin again, she noticed me in the morning when I came to school like the fuckin second I got there and made me tell her what happened
So because I told Ms. Sauve she had to report the crap as 'child abuse' so yea, my dads out servin rehab right now once he gets out they are gonna determine his sentence.
I was forced to live with my Aunt in Vancouver until they passed all my student welfare paperwork. I'm now kickin it in some apartment not too far from Degrassi. It aint all that bad either. So if you wanna chill or something, just hit me up, I'm basically free all the time.

So next, I'd like to apologize to Heather. Sorry for not contactin you or anything while I was away. I just thought the last thing you wanted was me addin onto your problems or anything. I'd like to chill with you whenever you aren't chillin with Spinner. Plus I got somethin important I gotta tell you. My bad though, didn't mean to hurt ya, and I'm sorry if I did.

Well, I'ma bounce. Heather call or text me on my cell when you can.
Do your thing, cause you know I'ma do mine!
- Chris
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My man said, lets call some girls that we know. [Mar. 17th, 2005|10:00 pm]
[mood |groggygroggy]
[music |Call Some Hoes - Chamillionare]

Today was a change of pace, still tryin to decide if thats a good thing or not.
Thats 'cause I wasn't home all day, got called into work before my pops got home.
And when I do get home from work, the bitch is passed out drunk..
It wasn't all that bad, I mean I'm a bus boy, not too hard to do.
Time passed by pretty fast cause I had shit on my mind.

So I'm chillin' in MI, doin my thing on a web-design page for a project and Mr. S comes up to me. He tells me to go to Ms. Suvae's office and talk to her.
I was about to split and make a run for it, but I figured shit might look too suspicious if I do. I walk in and she starts talkin to me tellin me some teachers have stressed intrest to her about me, that I've been slackin off in class, look more stressed or some shit. She kept tellin me she was there for me. I didn't say shit, I just sat there and refused there was anything wrong.
She kept me there, talking to me about how I'm not alone in life or crap, and she told me to come visit her whenever. I think I may take her up on that offer Fuck that shit, all she'll do is make matters worse. If my dad found out I talked to anyone bout my problems he'd kick the shit out of me

I figure the more I get out of the house the better, so anyone wants to chill, like seriously chill holla at me.
And Heather, we're chillin' tomorrow, fa sho.
Well I think my dads wakin back up so I'm hoppin out the window and gonna go ball or some shit.
- Chris
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To all the happy people, who have real nice lives & have no idea what it's like to be broke as fuck [Mar. 16th, 2005|05:33 am]
[mood |apatheticapathetic]
[music |Rock Bottom - Eminem]

Fuck this shit.
After givin things some time nothing has gotten better.
The only thing I got goin for me is that I got a job at The Dot, bus boy, it aint much but what can ya do?
Moneys money.. and I'm gonna be needin money from now on.

Imagine this: you're sleeping and all of the sudden your phone goes off it's your brother tellin you he got busted. He's in jail and his ass needs bail money. Bail money you just don't got to give up like that.
Turns out he didn't go to BC with his boys, he's been here the whole fuckin time, avoiding the shit at home.
Nigga, must've gotten myself like 15 minutes of sleep.
I wake up and start pacing around and shit, I have some money packed away but I'm not bout to walk all the way to jail to pay his bail money, money I've saved up from not eatin lunch or not goin out,
Fuck that.
I go to wake up my dad.. the last person I want to talk to right now, and what do I find? The bitch is passed out on the couch, drunker than a muther fucker. I left him a note tellin' him to post bail on Charles, locked my door and haven't come out since. kind of afraid to, he might try and swing at me again for telling him Charles got busted
I'm just waiting for it to be time to walk to school, so I can crawl out the window and escape this hell-hole for a few hours. I'ma look tired as hell tho..

Mayne, I never thought things would come to this :-\
Fuck it though, I'm out.
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Can't you see you're addicted to me.. [Mar. 10th, 2005|07:24 pm]
[mood |stressedstressed]
[music |"A Baltimore Love Thing" - 50 Cent.]

Fuck the regular intro, got some shit on my mind and aint nobody to talk to so ima spill my shit here.

So the reason for the not updating is basically I fuckin hate putting my feelings down on shit like this.
But then I realize, whats the point of havin this thing if I can't even put my real feelings on here?
So here I go. Judge me, call me what you want, talk shit, whatever you want. You don't really know me..

Aiight, so things have been pretty horrible at home. My dads a fuckin' coke fiend and loves to get drunk.
He tried to swing at me one day. In all his drunkeness he missed me and I took off to my room.
I straight up confronted him 'bout it and it didn't go to well. For two nights I was all by myself, and he finally brought his ass home.
Haven't spoken a word to him since.

The landlords are still buggin us bout the rent. My brother usually splits the cost with my dad, but he's split.
He was talkin bout goin to BC with his homies, I thought it was all talk, but I think he was being serious.
So now I need a job, or I'm not too sure whats gonna happen.
Prolly try and get student welfare, and get a place of my own. Aint nobody here that wants me crashin' with them so that's my only other option.
If worse comes to worse I'll call up Melinda, and see if I can crash with her.. I'd rather not call that trick but if it comes to it I guess I got no other choice.

So I'm in school listenin to the new 50 Cent c.d. and I'm listening to "A Baltimore Love Thing" and I figured out the meaning behind the song.
At first I thought it was about a guy talkin to a girl tellin' her she'll find no better and shit. But it's really bout heroine talkin to her.. like the addiction is all in her head talkin to her. It's some insane shit.
Check It Out For YourselfCollapse )
It's a hott track tho.

But I'm gonna get goin'.
Gonna go drop some apps and shit at The Dot and the Mall.
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Runaway from this bitch, and never come back, if I could.. [Mar. 1st, 2005|07:47 pm]
[mood |accomplished]
[music |Hate It Or Love It - The Game ft 50 Cent]

Sup my playas and pimpettes, whats the damn deal?!

So after some time of thinkin and contemplatin and the Chris I turned into aint me.
Just undestand I've been goin thru some real heavy shit, so if you IM me and I seem different thats why. I'm not about to lay my shit down here and if you don't like that, fuck you. If you really want to know you could IM me and ask.
I guess somethin that made me realize I was being kind of whack was when I sort of told the chick that I've been eyein that I like her. She just replied "Oh wow" or something like that, rejected. She was way out of my league and too hott for me anyways.
I'd be liein if I didn't say I didn't want things to work out with her, I mean damn.. she's incredible. But if she don't like me then that's how things are gonna be, gotta move on and keep my chin up.

Melinda finally stopped callin me. Mayne, took long enough. At school today she waited for me by my locker, she didn't say anything to me, more like she wanted me to say somethin. When I didn't she walked off.
What the hell, first that chick dumps me because I talk to another girl at a rave, and then after some time she wants me back. My minds made up and it's not her.

I've been seein less and less of my dad. We got into a fight and he's been busy at work or wherever the hell else.
My and my brother don't mind.. the less we see of my dad the better.

Do it, for me..Collapse )

It's a sad day in the world of hip hop, The Game got booted from G Unit and the whole shit resulted in a shooting, some guy forgot his name. Nobody died or any shit just both two rappers alone are lyrical genious' and put out some hott tracks.. But what the hell, The Game is the shit don't get me wrong, but he said he woulda came up even without 50's help. That's a crock of shit, The Game would still be doin' time if it weren't for 50 Cent and G Unit.
Suppossedly The Game tried to get into the same radio station buildin that 50 was in, and because they wouldn't let him in some dude ended up gettin' shot. What a dumbass.

"Different day, same shit, ain't nuttin good in the hood
I'd run away from this bitch and never come back if I could
Hate it or love it, the underdog's on top
And I'm gon' shine homie until my heart stop."
That song is the shit too.

Well, I'm out homie.
Do your thing, Ima go do mine.
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Private [Feb. 27th, 2005|12:32 pm]
Even Gangstas Are EmotionalCollapse )

Now if looks was the case, baby girl'll be federal, the top half incredible, the bottom half edible. [Feb. 27th, 2005|12:09 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Girl Like U - Snoop Dogg ft Nelly]

So yea, everyone has already updated on Jimmy's party, so I aint gonna go into that.
Plus right now I'm not in the mood,

So Melinda just came over a few hours ago, it was insane. I didn't even invite her over, she just showed up. That only flys well wit me if your my best friend or girlfriend and she's neither.
We were chillin, or whatever. I was already in a bad mood because of somethin that went down last night and I didn't want to be with her.
It was all cool until she tried to kiss me. I backed off and asked her to leave, she asked why and I told her that me and her were over a long time ago, that I have a crush on someone already.
She went off on me, slapped me, for no fuckin' reason and then she bounced.
What kind of shit is that?
It's never been the same since I left her for Emma, and even then the whole Emma thing didn't work out.

For being a playa, my luck with the ladies sure is hittin a dry spot.
I'm thinkin bout tellin the girl that has my attention that I think she's pretty fly, but she'll prolly just say "I like you as a friend" or some shit.
She's way too hott for me anyways.

Things at the pad couldn't get any better.
Don't ask.. I won't tell unless I'm real cool with you or I trust you and right now theres very few that want to even get to know me and two that I actually trust.

So Alex is suppossed to hook it up with a job at the movie theatre. A job is a job, it's money that's much needed right now.
I heard it's lame but whatever.. like i said a job is a job.

"Ay yo, I don't know if you been told
But, you look like you should be gold
You're so precious, the way you shape up
I'm just here to help you step ya game up"

Well, I'm out gonna go play some ball before my pops get home.
Do your thing, I'm go do mine.
- Chris
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Me, I'm a pimp.. I aint payin for no sex. [Feb. 24th, 2005|06:18 pm]
[mood |discontentdiscontent]
[music |Like A Pimp - David Banner]

Sup to all my pimps and pimpstress'.
Sorry for no update yesterday had some shit to deal with.. but today is a new day, and shit as well.

School was shit, just wasn't havin a good day today and didn't feel like things were gunna get any better as the day went on.
I saw Melinda during lunch, she said she was gonna call me 'cause we had to talk or some shit. I don't even see why she bothers, I don't like her any more..
Anyways, I accedentily crashed during MI and Simpson woke me up asked me to stay after class. I did just like he asked. When the bell rang he asked me what was the reason I was asleep, I told him that I was stayin up late workin on beats and it was nothin' to sweat.
I thought he bought it, but I guess he didn't. When I was leavin school he asked me if everything was aight at home, I just nodded. I hate having teachers on my back just because I'm gettin a bit lazy and I crash in a class don't mean everything is fallin apart at home.

I just got off the phone with Melinda, I'm just not in the mood today. She basically said she wanted us to hook up again and she wanted to go back to bein "My baby girl Melinda" instead of just "Melinda". Fuck that.
I have my eyes set on another girl. Not tryin to sweat her or anything, she prolly wouldn't like me, and I think she likes someone else anyways. But nothing I can do but keep my chin up.

I need a fuckin' job. Thinkin bout dropin an app in The Dot or the movies.. anywhere, as long as it pays.
Well, even gangstas got to do chores, hah. I'm out.

Do your thing, cause I'm gonna do mine.
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Love me for bein me. [Feb. 22nd, 2005|10:57 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |"I'm So Hood" - G Unit]

Aw yeah,
bet you never thought you'd see the day where your resident pimp would get one of them livejournal deals. Well, broke yo' neck!
I don't know too many people on that personal level so I felt like gettin' one of these things I'd connect with people or some shit.

Aiight, well the names Sharpe, Chris Sharpe. I spin, spit flows, and make beats. That's gotta be my main passion, but other than that I'm either ballin' down the street with my brother or kickin' it with whoever.
That's right there's more to me than the fact that I use to date Emma Nelson.
I've been at Degrassi since grade 7, some personal shit happen that I'd rather not go into, but yea we moved here from Vancouver. Honestly, people are more chill here in T.O. but I miss my cats back in the V.

I aint all that much into the drama here in Degrassi, mainly because I don't surround myself with all them cats, but not sayin' I wouldn't hang with them, just don't talk to them much.

"Love me for bein me.
I can't change it, can't rearrange it,
I am what I am, so love me for bein me"

Well thats all I gots to say..
and this pimp is out!
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